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Acer griseum

lokaler Name: Paperbark Maple

Paperbark maple, one of the most beautiful of the small trees. The most striking part of this tree is the cinnamon coloured, peeling paper-like bark and the beautifully shaped leaves. The leaves are compound with three pointy and jagged leaflets. The autumn colours of this plant are quite the eye-catcher as well, starting with yellow and orange and slowly shading to a flaming red. This tree usually grows as a multi-trunk tree resulting in that the tree won't reach the proclaimed height of 10 meters. Acer griseum can be planted as a solitary tree and has a preference to neutral and light acidic soils.
Important: Don't prune maples in the spring due that they bleed.

Acer griseum
Acer griseum


5 - 7m



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