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Shipment conditions

Kwekerij Arborealis V.O.F.
Dirk de Ruiterpad 2
8384 DD Wilhelminaoord
Tel:0031 521-383696
E-mail address:
KvK-number: 09107906
VAT-identification number: NL8196.23.428.B01
Article 1 Applicability
1. These shipment conditions are applicable for all of the consumer sales at Kwekerij Arborealis and are applicable for the sales at the nursery in Wilhelminaoord as they are for the sales at distance via our website(s).
2. Our conditions can be viewed in our sales area at the nursery and are available on the website to view and to download under the header shipment conditions. Within the ordering process on our site(s), the shipment conditions can be previewed before confirming an order and you will receive a copy of the shipment conditions with the confirmation of your order via our website(s).
3. Concerning all of our sales that are applicable to the shipment conditions, only the Dutch law is hereby applicable.

Article 2 Our supply and prices 
1. On all of our supplied plants we have included 9% VAT in the pricing and applies only as long as our own stocks supply. In case of modifications to size and/or price we will always contact you beforehand. Shipment costs are not included into our prices: mail orders will receive the additional shipment costs for a mail order parcel. For orders within the Netherlands the costs are € 14.50 per parcel, with a minimum plant order of 60 euros excluding shipment costs. These costs only apply to plants that are no larger than 1 meter in height and with their volume will fit into the cardboard parcels that we use. If this is not the case, we will always contact you beforehand with the expected shipping costs for your order. 
2. The photos shown on our website(s) are not a representation of the supplied size and or quality; these are to only offer additional information on the characteristics of the selected plant. 
3. Deliveries to foreign companies without VAT on the invoice are free of cost for orders with a miniumum value of €200,00 ex VAT, for orders below this amount we charge €12,50 ex VAT 

Article 3 Agreement and personal details 
1. The shipment conditions agreement between the nursery and the consumer will apply from the following moments: Payments made at our nursery and/or when confirming your order via our website(s) and/or via confirming by e-mail, you have thereby then accepted the conditions. 
2. When ordering via our website(s) you will receive an e-mail confirming your order within a few minutes after placing the order, not included in the first confirmation is the pricing of the shipment costs. Once the order has been verified you will receive a confirmation including additional shipment costs. Orders coming in via the e-mail will be processed as soon as possible to confirm the selected plants and the additional shipping costs.
3. Sales done via e-mail and/or the website(s) can be cancelled free of charge up to the moment of packaging, this does not apply if the plants have been exclusively ordered for you via a supply which is not our own. After the parcel has been handed over to the mail service you can apply for your right of withdrawal (see Article 4) 
4. Online payments are executed for us by Target Media in Huizen, therefore it is Target Media that guarantees a safe and secure payment setting.
5. The personal data that you have confided us with via e-mail or website(s) are only used by us in the occurrence of maintaining your account and processing your orders.

Article 4 Right of withdrawal
1. With ordering via e-mail and our website(s), it is possible to make use of your right of withdrawal within 14 days after physically possessing the ordered plants and to unbind the agreement without a statement of reason. Provided that you are to use your right of withdrawal, the costs of returning the plants are for your own account.
2. During this period of time we presume that you will provide the plants of proper care. After we have received the returned plants within proper state we will transfer the owed amount back into your by us registered account within 14 days. Note that the plants that are not packed with extra precautions stand a larger chance of arriving damaged back at the nursery.
3. The right of withdrawal does not apply in the event of if plants have specially been ordered and/or are bought from a colleague in order to complete your order. 
Article 5 Complaints and guarantees
1. Complaints on the quality of the delivered plants are to be e-mailed as soon as you have received the plants and that they are in your possession.
2. In the event of plants being damaged during shipment we require for you to inform us via the e-mail within 5 days after receiving the plants. We will then send you a replacement.
3. We guarantee authenticity of the species for the plants we supply/deliver. In the event that a plant turns out unauthentic to the species, and you report this within 5 years after delivery, then you will receive a replacing plant with the same invoice value as the initially ordered plant.
4. The regrowth of the supplied plants are guaranteed by us, this applies only if the plant is treated correctly and has received the proper habitat. Should there despite proper treatment, be regrowth problems of the supplied plants, please contact us, that way we can come up with a solution for the occurring problem together.

Article 6 Shipping and payment  
1. We strive to ship the ordered plants within 5 week days after payment or ordering in the event that you have chosen Cash On Delivery. During busy periods at the nursery lies the possibility that this objective of within 5 working days will be exceeded to a maximum of 10 week days.
2. Plants will not be sent during periods of heavy frost. As soon as the weather circumstances become tolerable we will send the ordered plants. Plants that have been cultivated out in the field can be sent under normal weather conditions from the 1st of November to the 15th of April. After a period of frost it may take up to a few days before the plants are defrosted. Due to this it will usually take 4 to 5 days before we can continue with the shipment. 
3. We provide the possibility to pay cash or by PIN at the nursery in Wilhelminaoord.
4. Concerning plants that have been delivered with an invoice, the total amount is to be paid for within 14 days. In the event of a non payment of an invoice higher costs will be applied, those extra costs are necessary in order to collect the invoice payment charged to the payer. 

Article 7 Alterations to the shipment conditions 
Alterations made to the shipment conditions are applicable after the consumer has received the altered conditions and are only applicable to agreements made after the alterations have been made.
Shipment conditions Kwekerij Arborealis 1-12-2021