Kwekerij Arborealis


Welkom! De webshop is gesloten tussen 15 april en september, zodat we tijd hebben om nieuwe planten te kweken. Onze plantenwinkel op de kwekerij blijft uiteraard open. Vanaf september kun je weer online bij ons plantwinkelen. Cadeaubonnen worden wel verstuurd.

Onze voorraden zijn in september het grootst. Welkom op ons Voedselbosweekend op 21 en 22 september voor ruime keus in planten. Benieuwd naar het programma? Klik hier!

Mail order plants

Most of what we cultivate can usually be sent by mail in a parcel. Plants up to 1 meter in length can be sent without a problem. Larger (longer) plants won't always fit in a mail order parcel, this of course depends on the species. All of the mail orders are carefully packed by Micha.
Concerning the mail orders we usually collect a few orders so that we can process them all at once. This is usually done every thursday, with the occasional exceptions. In the event of busy periods at the nursery it may take up to two weeks before receiving your parcel. 

Mail orders will only be sent during frost free periods.
It is possible to order parcels up to 30 kg for the standard rate of €9,75 within the Netherlands. Concerning mail orders within the Netherlands we require a minimum order value of 20 euros per sending. Orders less than 20 euros can only be picked up from the nursery.  

The shipment costs for mail orders within the Netherlands up to 30 kg is €9.75 per parcel.
Larger orders are usually sent by a courier-service or transporting company. If this would be the case for your order we will contact you. Shipment costs are for the consumers account.

Mail orders going abroad within the EU have the following rates up to 30 kg: 
 Belgium € 14,50
 Bulgaria € 30,00
 Denmark € 19,50
 Germany € 14,50
 Estonia € 30,00
 Finland € 24,50
 France € 19,75
 Hungary € 24,50
 Ireland € 24,50
 Italy € 20,00
 Latvia € 30,00
 Lithuania € 30,00
 Luxembourg € 16,50
 Austria € 19,50
 Poland € 24,50
 Portugal € 24,50
 Romania € 30,00
 Slovenia € 24,50
 Slovakia € 21,00
 Spain € 20,00
 Czech Republic € 21,00
 Great Britain € 20,00
 Sweden € 23,50

Other European Union countries not listed above have variable rates, please contact us for the applicable shipping rates for your order.