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Arbutus unedo

Local name: Strawberry tree

Evergreen shrub, due to the Dutch climate the height won't exceed the height of 2 meters. When planted in other climates the height can vary, warmer climates may cause the plant to reach a height of 3 to 4 meters. The pink red-rimmed flowers bloom in the early spring. The from yellow to red colouring fruits appear later on during the year, the first will appear in autumn, and some might even appear a year after flowering alongside with the new flowers.
The name strawberry tree is conducted from the shape of the berries.
Place Arbutus in a sheltered spot close to a building or evergreen hedge, be sure to protect it from the eastern winds and on a well draining soil.

Arbutus unedo
Arbutus unedo


Natural habitat:
shrub layer

1.50 m

Bloom time:
April - Mei

30-40 C3
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