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Akebia quinata 'Alba'

Local name: Chocolate Vine or Five-leaf Akebia

Fast growing climber with beautifully shaped leaves and white flowers. The leaves on this variety are more beautiful than the regular Akebia quinata, they are darker and bigger. The white flowers are small but quite abundant, and appear in the early Spring. The plant flowers from tip to toe, unlike most climbers that only flower in the tip. Suitable for all soil types.
In case of a more than passionate growth, pruning will do the trick. When Chocolate Vine is planted in a shaded habitat, it becomes more susceptible to mildew, therefore keep this in mind when planting the Chocolate Vine.

Plant two genetically different plants and you will receive exquisite fruits in September!

Akebia quinata 'Alba'
Akebia quinata 'Alba'


4-5 m

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