Kwekerij Arborealis


Tussen mei en september is online planten bestellen niet mogelijk, welkom om onze kwekerij te bezoeken.  In onze plantenwinkel hebben we een ruime sortering kruiden, vaste planten, klimplanten, voedselbosplanten en nog veel meer! We hebben meer voorraden in de plantenwinkel dan online zichtbaar!
OPEN: woensdag t/m zaterdag.

The Nursery

The name ARBOREALIS is built up out of two Latin words; ARBOR (tree) and BOREALIS (from the north). Translated: Trees from the north.

From March until December, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are our opening days. During the other days we are busy propagating plants, potting, collecting orders, sending mail orders and so on.

In our large retail section, the plants with their information are all found together. Here you can stroll around and discover all kinds of unusual plants!

We hope to see you at our nursery,

Micha Wieland Sietske Metz